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    Cara Membuat Sempurna Starbucks ‘The Joker’ Frappuccino (Secret Menu)

    September 3, 2019

    Starbucks ‘The Joker’ Frappuccino (Secret Menu). Yet the new Joker Frappuccino "secret" drink at Starbucks with delicious matcha, mocha, and whip? It is a bit trickier to make than some of the other secret menu items I've tried thus far like the Jack Skellington Frappuccino or the IT Frappuccino. Trying the new Joker movie inspired frappuccino tea drink at Starbucks.

    Starbucks ‘The Joker’ Frappuccino (Secret Menu) To order the Joker Frappuccino, you'll need to first ask your barista to draw a smile on the inside of. There's a new Starbucks secret menu option inspired by the Joker. Adding to the hype, there's a new Starbucks secret menu option inspired by Batman's arch nemesis – a character who has now been played by so many prestigious actors that. Kamu dapat memasak Starbucks ‘The Joker’ Frappuccino (Secret Menu) menggunakan 8 bahan dan 4 langkah. Berikut cara kamu memasak itu.

    Bahan bahan dari Starbucks ‘The Joker’ Frappuccino (Secret Menu)

    1. Kamu memerlukan 150 ml fresh milk.
    2. Kamu memerlukan 50 g green tea latte powder.
    3. Kamu memerlukan 150 g ice cube.
    4. Bahan 80 g vanilla ice cream.
    5. Bahan 20 g simple syrup.
    6. Persiapkan 20 g strawberry syrup.
    7. Kamu memerlukan Secukupnya whipped cream.
    8. Kamu memerlukan Secukupnya chocolate syrup.

    There's a new secret menu item at Starbucks floating around called the Joker Frappuccino. It's a Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino. . . and you need to ask the barista to draw a smile inside the cup using strawberry syrup. You'll also need to ask for matcha whipped cream on top, which requires. The Starbucks secret menu has created another hit of a beverage with the 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington Frappuccino.

    Starbucks ‘The Joker’ Frappuccino (Secret Menu) Langkah-langkah

    1. Kalau tidak punya green tea latte powder, mix 16 gram pure green tea + max creamer 64 gram dalam mangkuk, gunakan 50 gram saja.
    2. Blender milk, green tea latte powder, ice, vanilla ice cream, simple syrup.
    3. Tuang setengah gelas, kasih whipped cream, dan stawberry syrup..
    4. Masukan lagi matchanya, toping dengan whipped cream, taburi dengan matcha powder dan chocolate syrup..

    Officially, Starbucks' secret menu doesn't even exist. So be kind to your baristas and know everything that'll go into your drink and order as such. Following Joker's record-breaking opening, Starbucks is buying into the movie's hype with a new "secret menu" option dedicated to the DC character. To order the Joker Frappuccino, you'll need to ask the barista to draw the smile on the side of the cup, then ask to top it off with a Matcha Green Tea. Starbucks' New Joker Frappuccino and Joaquin Phoenix as Joker.