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    Resep: Sedap Choco white coffee soft bread (Re-bread)

    November 3, 2019

    Choco white coffee soft bread (Re-bread). These Coffee Buns have a fragrant coffee cookie shell that gives way to soft bread underneath. Long before I started food blogging, I fell in love with While your dough is proofing, it's time to make the magical coffee topping. You're going to make a coffee-flavored butter-based topping for your bread.

    Choco white coffee soft bread (Re-bread) From modern outdoor planter walls to industrial coffee tables, concrete cinder blocks can work wonders The results are unlike any other bread we've made. It is sweet and rich in flavor. If you make rolls, they're buttery, light, and fluffy. Kamu dapat memasak Choco white coffee soft bread (Re-bread) menggunakan 9 bahan dan 8 langkah. Berikut cara kamu memasak itu.

    Bahan bahan dari Choco white coffee soft bread (Re-bread)

    1. Kamu memerlukan 250 gr Susu cair.
    2. Kamu memerlukan 38 gr butter.
    3. Persiapkan 1/2 sk garam.
    4. Bahan 2 sb gula.
    5. Bahan 30 gr susu bubuk coklat (saya pakai milo sachet).
    6. Persiapkan 360 gr terigu protein tinggi.
    7. Bahan 40 gr terigu protein sedang.
    8. Persiapkan 2 sk ragi instant.
    9. Persiapkan 2 sachet white coffee (saya pake coffee ahuat).

    A delicious bread with a very light center with crunchy crust. You may substitute butter or vegetable oil for the lard if you wish. Not too fluffy, but a nice, soft, tasty bread. I no longer buy my bread from the store, I use this instead!

    Choco white coffee soft bread (Re-bread) Cara membuat

    1. Masukan bahan cair terlebih dahulu, kemudian bahan kering dan diakhirnya dengan ragi dengan membuat bulatan ditengah bahan kering, press no.4 roti lembut, dengan berat 1000 gr dan pilih warna sedang. Tekan tombol start.
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    This is the softest white bread I have ever baked. Put your hot water, yeast and sugar in your bread machine. Soft and moist White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins made from scratch. You'll love these bakery-style muffins filled with raspberries and white And these sky-high White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins are what dreams are made of. They're soft and sweet, with a super tender crumb, and that.